New border colours available for all Fenston Carter carpet runners

by Robert Barney on Oct 21, 2023

New border colours available for all Fenston Carter carpet runners

We have a new range of border colours that we will slowly be adding as selections to all ranges and making up runners for image and videos as we go. In the meantime have a look through these and by all means ask for them when you come to order if there isn't a selection for them at the moment.

Battleship grey herringbone 112


Brown Quarry herringbone 153

Brown Quarry 153 runner border

Chrome Grey herringbone 132

Chrome Grey 132 runner border

Desert Rat herringbone 131

Desert Rate herringbone runner border 143

Desert Storm herringbone 131

Desert Storm herringbone 143

Golden Earth weave 107

Golden earth 107 herringbone runner border

Jet black herringbone 132

Jet black herringbone 132

Jet black weave 9956

Jet black weave 9953 runner border

Millies Gold weave 022

Millies Gold 022 weave border for runners

Navy Blue herringbone 006

Navy blue herringbone 006 border runner

Parisian Brown herringbone 013

Parisian brown 013 herringbone runner border

Sand herringbone 137

Sand herringbone 137 runner border

Silver Stream herringbone 113

Silver Stream 113 herringbone border for runners

Tank Charcoal herringbone 049

Tank charcoal 049 herringbone runner border

Sage herringbone 142

Sage herringbone 142 runner border colour

Look out for them appearing in the shop soon!