Getting reviews from customers is a nightmare

by Robert Barney on Oct 24, 2023

Getting reviews from customers is a nightmare

This Low budget stories video is bang on! The problem with online reviews 

 We have made around 2000 stair runners so far and we have 7 reviews. Despite us offering money for each review we still have no takers. And generally we call the clients after to see if they are happy with the runners and we have had maybe 2 people who weren't happy and that was a delivery failure, not a quality failure so roughly 1998 excellent products made v 2 (she left 2 star review on Etsy because she had ordered a stair runner by mistake instead of a floor runner - her fault and we even told her we would make it into a floor runner for free!).

In our other business at Cavendish deVere we have undertaken around 4000 projects over 10 years and we have around 122 reviews - despite incentives. And we have won over 11 awards in that business.

And yet, when we ask clients why they chose us they say because we had so many good reviews. Go figure. People just don't take the time. We are starting a new incentive scheme for a charity. Leave a review and we will donate £20 to a worthy cause. Details to follow, let's see how that goes. Maybe the guilt factor will encourage people to help us out.