Burmatex Go To carpet tiles, budget friendly and made from nylon

by Robert Barney on Apr 15, 2024

Burmatex Go To carpet tiles, budget friendly and made from nylon

The Burmatex go to carpet tiles are our best selling range. Yes, probably because they are so well priced and ours are the cheapest you will find anywhere online but because for the price this is hands down the best carpet tile you can buy in the UK.

It comes in a very broad range of colours that allow you to make breakout areas and dynamic patterns on your boring old office floor. And again at a low, low price. 

So, really unless you are hedge fund in Mayfair with unlimited amounts of cash, why would you consider anything else?

Now lets get onto the marketing technoblurb.

Burmatex tiles uses EqoCycle® 75 recycled solution dyed nylon. (That's PA 6.6 nylon then). This, combined with our BioBase® recycled backing produces a low carbon update to this reliable product range.

go to has two designs, sixteen plains and four stripe options. 

Burmatex® reco2very take back service provides a no landfill solution for your used tiles. Burmatex® products are made using 100% certified renewable electricity
eco2matters® declarations are independently 3rd party verified.

Product description Low Carbon Level Loop
Yarn description EcoCycle® 75 recycled solution dyed nylon
Size 50cm x 50cm
Pile weight 500g/m2
Total weight 3810g/m2
Total thickness 5.5mm
Wear classification BS EN 1307 Heavy Commercial Use Class 33

A great carpet tile, you will never regret a go to purchase and one important point to note. Buy cheap tiles and you may find you have a nightmare fitting them. Because the tolerance on the cuts can be low which makes for odd shaped tiles. A complete nightmare and you will find it takes a lot longer to fit because you need to make so many more cuts. Take this into consideration! And if you are in London - get Cavendish to fit your carpet tiles, the finest carpet tile contractor in London.