Benefits of Installing Royale Stair Rods

by Robert Barney on Oct 29, 2022

Benefits of Installing Royale Stair Rods

You already installed carpet on the stairs and looking for the best Royale rod for stairs and you want to know about the benefits, right? Or you are thinking about installing a carpet runner on stairs and want to be sure how a royale rod can help you if you fit that.

If both of your answers are yes, then you are in right place. Today I am going to cover the quick benefits of stair rods and specially royale stair rods.

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Quick Benefits Overview Of Royale Rod

Royale rod enhances the look of your stair when you install it on the carpet stair. There is no doubt luxury stair rods transform your stair runner from ordinary to exceptional. It also holds your carpet from unexpected movement and reduces the chance of falling. It increase safety for young children, pets, and old people. Overall, Royale rod is very useful when it comes to installation on stairs.

What Is Royale Stair Rod?

Royale stair rod is made of metal rods. It holds the stair carpet in place and gives a beautiful look. For a person who is looking for something that gives extra standard looks on their stairs, royale rods can be a good choice for them.

Here are the options available:

1. Choice of finials: BeaumontLouis, and Vue.

2. Choice of finishes: Antique Bronze, Antique Brass, Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Black, Polished Nickel, and Satin Nickel.

Royale stair rods

1. Make Stairs More Beautiful

Stair rods add visual appeal to your stairway or staircase. Royale stair rods are usually made of metal, which is shiny and reflective it not only makes it beautiful but also gives a classic look. It also adds a nice contrast to your runner, which is usually made of fabric or other soft materials that are not as reflective.

If you want something that enhances your stair’s looks and makes them safer then you should definitely choose Royale rod for your stair. There are many types of luxury runners are available so if you want then choose whatever fits on your stair.

2. Stair Cover The Spot

The stair rod can be used to cover up any spots where the rug has worn out or has been damaged by foot traffic over time so that it doesn’t show through on your runner. You can use your stair rod to cover the little hole in the carpet. It can give easy and stylish solutions to solve so quickly.

As stair rods hold carpet in place so you don’t have to worry about movement and have less chance to fall down.

3. Stair Gives Extra Grip

Stair rods come with clips that attach them to the sides of the stairs so they don’t slide around. And get caught on things when people walk past them as handrails do sometimes, and also they have some kind of rubberized feet at their base that keeps them from sliding downstairs.

Stair rod makes your runner more safer than without a rod. So if you are more aware of the safety of your family then you should think about it. I will discuss a little bit more about the safety ness below.

4. Stair Runners Can Make Stairs Safer

Naturally, tiles and wooden stair is very hard. And it is very risky for children and old people. Sometimes it’s dangerous if you don’t cover it properly with carpet on the stairs. In this case, Royale stair rod helps you to protect your carpet runner by holding it in one place and preventing it from moving. And obviously, it makes your home more safer.

So stair rods can be your choice if you want extra protection for family members. Nowadays, you can choose lightweight royale rods for your stairs which are easy to source from all over the country united kingdom.

5. Lightweight Stair rods

Most people think Royale rod is heavy but it’s not like that. Now you can choose any size of rods in any weight. That means you can order rods according to your stair size. Just you have to measure your stair and make an order online that’s it you will get your stair rod at your home.

Q and A

Is stair rods beneficial for the long run?

Yes. It will give you a long-term benefit when you install it on carpet stairs. Royale rod is made of metal so they will sustain a long time.

Are rods so costly?

Not really, You can choose best stair rods according to your budget. Rods are available in different budgets. You can order based on your preferable budget.

Is Royale stair rod really worthy?

Yes. If you want to give a great look to your stair carpet and make it safer then it’s really worth it.