The Stair rods UK Royal range are triangular brass stair rods in the traditional style, designed specifically to give your staircase a finishing touch that will get noticed. Suitable for either runner stair carpets or fully fitted. Royale stair rods are made to measure and will give any staircase an imposing, classical look.

Types of Royale stair rods

There are varieties of Royale rods are available, you can choose any of those according to your stairs. Here are some options:

1.Choice of finials: Beaumont, Louis, and Vue.

2. Choice of finishes: Antique Bronze, Antique Brass, Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Black, Polished Nickel, and Satin Nickel.

What Size Of Royale Rod Is for you? 

Before ordering Royale rods for your stairs, you should know the size for the perfect fitting. Most people face problems when they want to find the right rod for their stairs. If you just follow a few steps then you will not suffer after ordering stair rods.

Here are a few steps to get the perfect size of the Royale rods.

Step-1: Measure the wide of your carpet. 

Step-2: Add extra 6 inches/15 cm (3 inches/7.5 cm on each side) with your total carpet wide. 

Royale stair rods size measurement

For example: Suppose your carpet wide is about 15 inches (38 cm) then your Royale stair rod size will be (15+6=19) inches. 

 Step-3: Keep 1 or 2 inches gap from rod's tip to stringboard. 

Royale stair rods

Note: you can also discuss it in chat box before ordering. Feel free to ask if you have any questions in your mind. Or you can order directly from our store


  • Best quality rods.
  • Well polished.
  • Perfect fitted to any stairs.
  • Clean and gorgeous.
  • Long-lasting color guarantee.
  • 100% Royale rods delivery only. 
  • Made by perfect measurement system.  

 Get the rod on your door by ordering from us. We deliver rods all over the united kingdom. Place an order to make your stairs more beautiful.