Pricing Range Of Burmatex Carpet Tiles

by Robert Barney on Jan 28, 2023

Pricing Range Of Burmatex Carpet Tiles

Are you here to know about the pricing of burmatex carpet tiles?

If yes then you are in right place. Follow this article to know full pricing range of burmatex tiles.  They are the cheapest to buy here at Fenston Carter than anywhere else online.

Let's drive in...

Categories of Burmatex Carpet Tiles   Prices Per Square Meter (M2) + VAT
Burmatex Go To Nylon Carpet  £11.99 PER M2
Burmatex Cordiale Carpet Tiles £13.89 PER M2 
Burmatex Osaka Tiles
£25.99  PER M2
Burmatex Alaska  £25.99 PER M2
Burmatex Academy Carpet Tiles
£12.99 PER M2
Burmatex Armour   £25.99 PER M2
Burmatex Zip and Code £25.99 PER M2
Burmatex Tivoli Mist 
£18.14 PER M2
Burmatex Velour Excel 
£18.14 PER M2
Burmatex Tivoli Mist carpet planks
£18.14 PER M2
Burmatex Tandem Tiles
£18.14 PER M2
Burmatex Infinity 
£18.14 PER M2


Here are the prices of burmatex carpet tiles. You can choose any kind of tiles according to your need.