A summary Roomvo’s 2024 Flooring Trends Report. LVT overtakes wood flooring

by Robert Barney on May 30, 2024

A summary Roomvo’s 2024 Flooring Trends Report. LVT overtakes wood flooring

You may not know Roomvo but they make some very neat software we use in the flooring industry. Its a visualization platform that makes it easy for shoppers to engage with your products in their own space, with an unrivaled level of realism. So for us basically you can upload a picture of your room and overlay it with all types of flooring. Then you can see what it is going to look like before you get it fitted.

As you might imagine they get to see lots of rooms every day and they have a lot of data to spot trends in all sorts of industries. They have a new report out on Flooring Trends across the World in 2024. Have a look at it here.

If you are in a bit o a rush we have summarized it for you here.


  • Overview: Emphasizes the importance of understanding consumer behavior and leveraging technology like Roomvo for sales success post-2023. Analyzes two years of data from over 300 partners in 37 countries.

Shopping Habits

  • Trends: January is the most popular month for flooring visualizations. Living rooms are the top space for flooring renovations, followed by kitchens and bathrooms.


  • Preferences: Neutral, earthy tones (beige, brown, gray) dominate flooring choices globally. Beige is the most popular color, especially in Europe.


  • Types: Engineered wood is the most popular in the Americas due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. Bamboo is gaining popularity for its sustainability.


  • Trends: Carpet tile is on the rise, especially in the Americas, due to its durability and design flexibility. Solid color broadloom remains popular in Europe.


  • Preferences: Luxury vinyl is the most popular flooring material globally, overtaking wood. Laminate is more popular in Europe than wood.


  • Insights: Businesses can leverage Roomvo's data analytics to understand consumer trends and drive growth. The report highlights the importance of real-time insights.


  • Data Source: Analysis based on two years of data from 300 partners, representing 160 million consumer interactions across 37 countries.

Very interesting - especially regarding LVT.