Foxi underlay anti-creep, non-slips underlays for carpet floor runners and rugs. Cheapest on-line

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Lengths: 3m
Width: 60cm
Product Description

Foxi underlay anti-creep, non-slips underlays for carpet floor runners and rugs. Cheapest on-line

Introducing Foxi underlay, the ultimate guardian for your precious rugs! If your rug has a mind of its own—sliding, bunching, or trying to escape—Foxi is here to put it in its place.

Why Choose Foxi for Your Rugs?

  • Nature-Inspired Design: The name "Foxi" is reminiscent of the dappled patterns found in nature, and just like a fox, it's clever and reliable. Let your rug rest atop Foxi's emblematic fox face, and you'll instantly notice the difference.
  • Precision Fit: While Foxi loves to support your rug, it prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Ensure Foxi is slightly smaller than your rug's dimensions—trim it about 3cm to 5cm, depending on your rug's weight.
  • Cleanliness is Key: Foxi thrives on a clean surface. A pristine floor ensures maximum grip, so give it a good clean before laying down your Foxi underlay.
  • Stability Over Mobility: Foxi is a creature of habit. Once it settles, it's best not to move it frequently. Shifting it often attracts dust, diminishing its effectiveness over time.
  • Care Instructions: While your rug enjoys the occasional vacuum session, Foxi prefers to be left alone. And if you're giving your floor a wash, ensure it's bone dry before repositioning Foxi.
  • Dual-Purpose Design: Foxi is versatile! Whether you have plush carpets or sleek hardwood floors, Foxi ensures your rug remains stationary, eliminating any unsightly bunching or dangerous slips.
  • Comfort and Protection: Beyond its grip, Foxi adds a layer of plush comfort to your rug, thanks to its 5/6mm thickness. It's like giving your rug a soft, cushioned bed to lie on.
  • Preserve Your Rug's Beauty: With Foxi, your rug not only stays in place but also enjoys a longer, more vibrant life. It acts as a protective barrier, preventing premature wear and tear.

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For those looking to elevate their rug experience, Fenston Carter offers Foxi underlays tailored to your needs. And for a professional touch, consider having them expertly fitted by the team at Cavendish deVere.

In conclusion, if you cherish your rugs and want them to stay pristine and stationary, Foxi underlay is the answer. It's the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and protection


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