The Burmatex infinity carpet tile is now a low carbon tile

by Robert Barney on Mar 05, 2024

The Burmatex infinity carpet tile is now a low carbon tile

We love this tile. Not because its eco-friendly - because it is but because it is very nice looking and it comes at a great price too. You can buy it online with us: Cheapest online Burmatex infinity carpet tiles 

In the world of interior design, the foundation of a captivating space begins with the floor. It's not just about finding a practical solution for foot traffic but about unlocking a canvas for immense creativity and style. Burmatex Infinity Carpet Tiles, available from Fenston Carter with free delivery, stand out as the premier choice for both commercial and personal spaces. These tiles don't just offer a durable flooring solution; they serve as building blocks for truly personalized and dynamic environments. Here's why they're so good and how you can use their vast color palette to create visually stunning spaces.

Unmatched Quality and Durability

Crafted in the UK, Burmatex Infinity Carpet Tiles are synonymous with quality and resilience. Designed to withstand the demands of high-traffic areas, these tiles maintain their appearance and integrity over time, making them a smart investment for offices, educational institutions, retail spaces, and homes. Their robust construction ensures that beauty does not compromise durability, offering a practical yet stylish flooring solution.

A Spectrum of Colors for Infinite Possibilities

One of the most compelling features of the Burmatex Infinity collection is its extensive color range. With shades ranging from subtle neutrals to vibrant hues, the collection offers limitless possibilities for creative expression. Whether you're looking to create a professional atmosphere with understated tones or a dynamic, energetic environment with bold colors, Infinity has you covered.

Design Flexibility Like No Other

The modular nature of carpet tiles allows for a level of design flexibility that traditional carpeting simply can't match. With Burmatex Infinity Carpet Tiles, you can mix and match colors to create patterns, highlight areas, or define zones within a space. This means you can achieve a custom look that reflects your brand's identity or personal style without the need for extensive custom work.

Eco-Friendly and Easy to Maintain

Sustainability is at the heart of the Infinity collection. These carpet tiles are not only made from high-quality, sustainable materials but are also designed for easy replacement. This means that in the event of damage or wear, individual tiles can be replaced without the need to redo the entire floor, reducing waste and extending the life of your investment. Moreover, their ease of maintenance ensures that your space not only looks great on day one but continues to impress for years to come.

Creating Cool Spaces with Colors

The true magic of Burmatex Infinity Carpet Tiles lies in how you use them. Here are just a few ideas to inspire your next project:

  • Zonal Marking: Use different colors to define specific areas within a larger space, such as breakout zones in offices or seating areas in open-plan homes.
  • Pathways: Create colored pathways to guide movement through a space, ideal for large, open areas like schools or showrooms.
  • Brand Identity: Choose colors that match your company's branding for a cohesive and immersive brand experience.
  • Artistic Patterns: Let your creativity run wild by designing patterns, from geometric shapes to abstract compositions, that transform the floor into a piece of art.
  • Mood Creation: Use color psychology to influence the mood and atmosphere of a space, selecting hues that evoke calm, creativity, energy, or focus, depending on the room's purpose.

With Burmatex Infinity Carpet Tiles, the only limit is your imagination. Their superior quality, coupled with unmatched design flexibility, makes them the ideal choice for anyone looking to elevate their space. Whether it's for a commercial project or a personal renovation, these tiles offer a foundation upon which to build not just a room, but an experience. Dive into the world of color with Infinity and see where your creativity takes you.


So here is a nice list of the colours

Burmatex infinity 34704 gravel greige

Burmatex infinity 34705 ice mineral

Burmatex infinity 34708 cyan flux

Burmatex infinity 34702 silver salt

Burmatex infinity 34715 cherry shade

Burmatex infinity 34716 purple prism

Burmatex infinity 34710 navy element

Burmatex infinity 34712 cold cove

Burmatex infinity 34709 base blue

Burmatex infinity 34714 jade layer

Burmatex infinity 34713 ultra yellow

Burmatex infinity 34711 bronze brown

Burmatex infinity 34707 sepia fusion

Burmatex infinity 34706 quartz sand

Burmatex infinity 34703 stone shadow

Transform your space today with Burmatex Infinity Carpet Tiles, available at Fenston Carter with free delivery. Where quality meets creativity, your perfect space awaits.